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Cardboard is a light but resistant material, that facilitates changes and the combination of modules. The modules are white and allows gluing, staining, or spray to design exclusively each one of the rooms.
In the accessories and decorate section you will find several proposals to customize your home.


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The idea

Kids Mobile Box is a cardboard house that allows multiple variations and endless possibilities. The toy is very easy to use and stimulates the imagination and creativity.

The House

All parts that make up the house are variable. The different modules of the toy allow to create a single house a skyscraper, a house with courtyard or a townhouse. The parts, of different sizes combine together and make it possible to build unlimited buildings, from a castle to a store or a train station.
The versatility of Kids Mobile Box is that every day you can assign a different function to each of the rooms: what today is the living room, tomorrow may be the kitchen. Besides, the size of the House is perfect for playing with different toys like the Playmobil, or the Silvians Familiy.

The package


The price

Recommended price : 34,90 €