The House of your dreams may be a train station, a shop or a castle.

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Tips for using

Click on the photos to download attachments. Do not change the scale to print, most are A4 and use paper of 300 g. minimum.

The first page contains the instructions. The symbols on the right bottom indicate you the modules.

Do not use glue so you can remove them whenever you want.

1_Burg_Castillo_Schloss_Castle_puppenhaus, dollhouse_casa de muñecas   2_Satteldach_tejado_dos_aguas_saddle_roof_puppenhaus_dollhouse_casa de muñecas   

 4_Pultdach_tejado_dos_aguas_saddle_roof_puppenhaus_dollhouse_casa de muñecas   5_Schild_Cartel_Sign_puppenhaus_dollhouse_ casa de muñecas   6_Markise_Toldo_sunshade_puppenhaus_ dollhouse_casa de muñecas

A1_Salon_Burg_Castillo_Schloss_Castle_puppenhaus_dollhouse_casa de muñecas    A2_Salon_Schild_Cartel_Sign_puppenhaus_dollhouse_casa de muñecas