Notebook crafts and activities 01

Notebook crafts and activities 01    (Just in spanish and catala)

Description: In this book of crafts you will find ideas to work with children of all ages.
We suggest materials which are easy  to find, and not only in a store. Children will learn to do different things, reusing items found on the beach, in the countryside, in the forest…
30 activities promote creativity, skill, art and, most importantly of all, the complicity between parents and children.
Author: Hilke Sievers Illustrator: Hilke Sievers< Colection number: 1 Editor: Tàndem edicions EAN: 978-84-15554-03-5 (castellano) EAN: 978-84-15554-02-8 (valencià) Price : 5,90 €< Sizes: 21 x 29,7 Pages: 36

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