About us

If somebody has a question about a craft tutorial, please send me an email or write directly on my facebook wall and will try to explain it to you.

The blog elhadadepapel.com contains activities and crafts for children and adults. The spirit of the blog is to show that there is no need for expensive toys or materials to enjoy. Many of our activities are created with recycled materials or found at a tour on the countryside or beach. After a few crafts, children begin to develop their own ideas, which are often the best.

The paper fairy is not a catalog of instructions, but aims to be a place which encourages inspiration. So, when you see a craft, you get an idea for the material which can be used or the way we used it and you turn it to something new.

Workshops for children are extremely important, they are not only an activity to pass time, but a time when the little ones are concentrated and peacefully working their own imagination and crating design to an authentic creations.

Working with children is rewarding and inspiring and by the way great fun. Crafts are not only decoration or art activities with no function, a lot of them are toys. Children have special affection to their creation and develop a special bond. They also serve to learn in a different way: for example to learn numbers by playing a game is much more easy. There are existing many toys, which are used to learn by playing, but we use them few times only. Thanks to the crafts we do them ourselves, which is cheaper and fun.

In a very simple way we create, learn and play. Hope you like.


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