Mariposas / Butterflies / Schmetterlinge

Deja secar las conchas limpias.  Envuelve una cerilla con hilo de color y al llegar a la mitad añádele la concha.

Let the clean mussels dry, then you turn a colored thread around a match and in its middle the mussel.
Erst die sauberen Muscheln trocknen lassen, dann umwickelst Du einen Streichholz und in seiner Mitte die Muschel mit einem bunten Faden.
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  1. says: soares

    Hallo, I just came across your wonderful blog and I’m hooked 🙂 I’m on vacations, beach vacations, and you have just provide me with the perfect craft to make with my son. I’ll be coming back for some more pleasant surprises and of course inspiration! Tschüss

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